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How To Wear A Watch Stylishly

08 Feb 2020

* How To Wear A Watch
We’re taking the stance that there’s a correct way to wear a watch, particularly a dress watch with a suit. There’s a correct way to position a watch on your wrist, which wrist to wear a watch on, and then there’s the correct way to match your watch to your clothing and other accessories. All of which are important if you don’t want to look like a teenager who borrowed his dad’s watch for the day.

* Which Wrist To Wear Your Watch On
You should be wearing a watch on the wrist opposite your dominant hand for practical reasons. The thought process behind wearing your watch on your non-dominant hand is so that you can quickly and efficiently adjust the crown of your watch with your dominant hand. Because you use your non-dominant hand less often, this also minimizes the damage done to your watch through normal activity. (Unfortunately, if you’re a lefty, wearing a watch on your right hand can be slightly awkward because crowns and pushers are on the right side of most watches.)

* Where To Wear A Watch On Your Wrist
When you’re standing with your hands down at your side, your shirt cuff should cover most but not all of your watch. The same is true for casual long-sleeve shirts. And please, for the love of God, don’t wear your watch on top of your shirt cuff. We wish we didn’t even have to give this advice, but we’ve seen it done before and we never want to see it again.
For a shirt to cover the majority of your watch when your arms are by your side, the watch has to fit properly on your wrist. If your watch strap is too loose, your watch will hang sloppily below your shirt cuff and if the strap is too small, your watch will never see the light of day (and you’re likely losing circulation). If you can’t find the right balance on the natural notch system on your watch strap, you may want to visit a specialist to get your watch strap adjusted or refitted.
Watch size matters for another reason too. You don’t want to overshadow the size of your hand or forearm. Typical watch case sizes range between 34mm and 52mm for men. The best watch size for you will be relative to your wrist size and shouldn’t be a decision of trend or style. For most men, we see 38mm to 42mm is a sweet spot, particularly when wearing dress watches with suits. As for where to wear a watch on your wrist, it should sit at the tip of your wrist bone (the ulna, to get technical). A good indicator that you’ve chosen a watch face that’s too big is if the case sits on top of the wrist bone, making it uncomfortable to wear.

* Where To Wear A Watch, Generally
Different situations call for different watches. The varying formality of these situations also calls for different watches. For example, you don’t necessarily want to wear a sport or smartwatch with your sharpest suit and you don’t want to wear a Rolex if you’re heading to the gym. Generally, chain link or leather watches are appropriate to wear with a suit in a business setting. Canvas and nato strap watches can also be worn with suits (a) if the environment is more casual or (b) the suit is casual (cotton or linen). Keep reading to see which watch strap colors we recommend with outfit colors.